Top Soil

Our Top Soil is an natural product sourced from the upper outermost most layer of soil ,it has the highest concentration of naturally occurring organic matter and microorganism to aide in prevention of dry spotting and water logging also encourages re wetting of dry soils and increase the total water held by the soil.


we do not use any recycled materials ,it has a sandy loam texture  which makes it very easy to spread , processed through our 6mm screening plant to remove any large particles ,all soil is independently tested  to comply with AS4419 standards , cost effective product suitable for use as e g: top dressing and construction of  sporting ovals and fields, lawn construction under and over turf .

  • Free from recycled materials
  • AS4419 approved
  • Sandy Loam texture
  • Easily spreadable
  • PH range 5.5-7.5
  • Bulk Density 1.2 tonnes per m3