Organic Top Dress

Our organic top dressing sand is made from a base of our premium washed fine sand blended with a small amount of chicken manure then processed through an 8mm screening plant to ensure consistency and removal of any large chicken manure particles, we are a large wholesale supplier to landscaping yards throughout SE QLD.


Slow release and ideal balance of essential nutrients, spread thinly over new or existing lawns alone or in combination with over seeding to boost lawn density.


Our organic top dress should be spread evenly over the lawn or turf and raked to the level area, watering in well is a necessity, for heavily thatched lawns mechanical aeration prior to top dressing is recommended.

  • Easily spreadable
  • Completely organic product
  • Premium Blend of washed fine sand and chicken manure
  • Screened to ensure quality and consistency
  • PH range 5.5-7.5