Landscaping with Sands

SEQ Sand & Soil’s future could not be possible without expanding our ideas in the landscaping world.


Landscaping with sand offers a wide range of sands to supply the most extensive landscapes involved with sand.


By sourcing materials from SEQ Sand & Soil and all over Queensland, SEQ is confident that they are able to meet the needs of the most ambitious landscaper.


SEQ Sand & Soil would like to show the public, commercial and private companies how to broaden the horizons of town planners, tradesmen, etc.


What SEQ has on offer is a display of mixes that are suited to a wide spectrum of applications from domestic to commercial. Such as golf courses, sporting services, rural, and the largest and prestigious cooperate and public sector projects that SEQ Sand & Soil have effectively supplied to.


There are very few landscape projects that don’t require sand. Sand is a critical component in every concrete and in mortar mix, it’s ideal for creating a level surface on which to lay pavers, and to sweep between the joints when you’re finished.


Sand is perfect as a drainage material, and it’s great for kids to play in too.


But you should decide what type you need as the different forms have different uses. Select the right the one and your job will be a whole lot easier.